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Welcome to my site, where you can keep track of my musical activities.  You can also keep tabs and interact over at FB (where I'm a little more frequent with updates) by going to 





February 10, 2020

Our residence with the great George Garzone will be canceled and postponed (until the fall).  This COVID-19 scare is wreaking havoc on events while we are applying social distancing when possible/sensible.  BUMMED!!!!  Was looking forward to hanging with one of my mentors!






February 10, 2021

My office at the UW was broken into (broken window entry) and ransacked!  The culprits took off with my Yamaha trumpet amongst other valuables (very valuable school gear).  But out of the negatives a very bright spot - Tom Kmiecik (artist relations rep) over at Yamaha brass/winds, sent me an e-mail the very next day, and set up having a loner of my YTR 8310Z delivered to me the day after getting this e-mail.  It's nice to get to be a part of the Yamaha family as a Yamaha Artist.  Thanks, Tom, Wayne Tanabe (amazing technician for Yamaha) and Yamaha in general!

Jan. 30th, 2020


Over the last 9 years (starting with our initial journey with little Vina, my 8 year old), I've been pretty infrequent with public performances.  One reason is that I just wanted to be home and spend as much time with our little family as we constantly fawned and doted over our little one.  


The other was that I pulled an extreme Sonny Rollins where I just felt like I had nothing more to offer to the public so I just had to practice, practice, practice and practice (not to play publicly until I felt ready with some new stuff).  Besides staying active with making recordings (documentation of my progress), I really wasn't performing much.


In the last 5 years, Ted Poor and I have been doing weekly playing together (since he also is a professor here at the University of Washington, working 3 flights up from me).  One day, after some duo playing, it dawned on us both that we'd really developed our language, approach, and concepts in this duo setting even without setting out to do so (we were mostly in a free improv setting with Indigo Mist).


How convenient(!) now, that as Ted embarks on his recording career as a leader with his latest record on Impulse, that we have this thing that we both want to ride and explore with for a bit?  The last few performances have been so fun and rewarding that I'm very excited to test out the waters of more frequent performances and see how that goes (with being away from the family and all...).  In any case, keep an eye out for us!

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